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Intravenous Infusion Sets with Burettes

SGD Puts Quality First...

Our excellent range of IV Sets with Burettes is designed to meet the most demanding Clinical or Budgetary requirements. Throughout the whole process of designing, producing, checking and shipping any of our products, quality of product and service are paramount.

... with Uncompromising Value...

We believe innovative products of excellent quality need not be expensive - provided the most efficient manufacturing methods are used for their production. SGD achieves this and we pride ourselves on providing the features you require at the quality and price you need.

...and Superb Features

The 'feel' of the product and the features incorporated in our infusion and burette sets clearly demonstrates our attention to detail. Our most popular burette sets are shown below but we welcome enquiries for other configurations as required by your market...

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Highest Quality Burette Sets:

Highest quality Paediatric IV set with 150ml burette. Also available with 100ml burette. Click for details and larger image.


Highest quality Paediatric IV set with 100ml burette with air filter on 5cm tube. Also available with 150ml burette. Click for details and larger image.


Quality Burette Set, Optimized for Tenders:

Paediatric IV set with 150ml burette, optimized for tenders where quality cannot be compromised for a budget. Also available with 100ml burette. Click for details and larger image.  



General Information

Sterile infusion set with graduated chamber (burette) for slow intravenous administration of a precise volume of infusion or injectable drug, over a given time. This system limits the risk for hypervolemy (an excessive volume of infusion being given to a patient).

Not to be used for blood and blood products.

Conforms to ISO 8536-5: 1992

Features of our best selling lines:


Spike with cap, air port and filter,  microdropper (i.e. 60drips per ml  drip chamber), with solution filter. 150cm non-kink, non stick translucent tubing. Y-Point injection connection, No needle (Separate IV Cannula required). Peel pouch, STERILIZED WITH ETO



Disposable item available in individual sterilized paper/film peel pouches. Protective packaging card carton. All packaging carries batch number and expiry date.

Other Requirements:

Needles required as separate purchase. (see IV cannulae)


Variations available

You can see above SGD's best selling Paediatric IV Sets with Burettes. We also welcome enquiries for different specifications to suit the precise requirements of a market or large tender under the SGD brand or as an OEM product (subject to minimum order requirements).

Variations might include:

Burette capacity: 150ml and 100ml sizes available

Drip chamber length and inclusion of a solution filter

The type or inclusion of safety valve in the burette

Type and length of tubing

Type or inclusion of injection points

Type and size of the flow control clamps

Air vents - type or inclusion of any airfilter

Type of luer lock or other connector

Packaging - Peel pouch, polybag, sterile, non-sterile, bulk packed

By changing these features, SGD can provide the best combination of quality and value for your market requirement.
Contact us at sales@sgd-uk.com and we will be delighted to discuss your exact needs.

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