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Welcome to our web site..

Here you will find an introduction to SGD (UK) Ltd and the range of Medical Disposable Products that we offer to the global market. To check for the latest product listing please contact us directly.

What can SGD do for you?

Our customers have often come to us when looking for three things:

bulletHigh quality medical disposable products
bulletLow prices
bulletAn easy relationship with a reliable supplier

These three ideals are often easy to achieve separately - but are difficult to find together.

SGD (UK) Ltd is able to meet these ideals by combining experience and investment in some of the world's lower cost manufacturing environments.

We provide all our customers with the best combination of quality and price appropriate for their needs, from an ever widening range of Medical Disposable Products.

SGD (UK) Ltd - the Company

bulletSpecialists in Medical Disposables.
bulletLocal representatives give customer support in Middle East, North Africa and Europe.
bulletInvestment in the Far East to provide consistent, high quality, low cost products.
bulletEasy to deal with, experienced individuals, in a UK company.
bullet Products CE marked, where appropriate

SGD (UK) Ltd was originally founded in 2002, by Nick Dale and Kate Ganley, to address the Saudi Arabian and other Middle Eastern medical markets. We are based 30km south of London, England and are routinely supplying products to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, with rapidly growing interest from the North African and European markets, too.

Quality and Price - the essential balance in your favour

Many companies in these markets want to make (or import) and sell high quality medical disposable products but find it difficult, for varied reasons, to find or work with suitable low cost manufacturers in regions like the Far East. SGD was created to invest in these low cost regions and bring together UK style business practices and quality with Far Eastern costs of manufacturing. We have permanent representation in the Far East, allowing us to closely monitor and control all aspects of sourcing, specification, production and shipment of products. This sets us apart from many other companies that simply import cheap products from any supplier who will give them a low price.

What does this mean for our customers?

All of this means our customers can easily compete, profitably, in their own markets with an unbeatable combination of high quality, low cost medical disposables and a secure, risk free supplier - SGD (UK) Ltd. We will work with you to achieve competitive prices, reliable delivery times - and a 'headache free' relationship.

This is a young dynamic company that draws on the wealth of experience of its founders who have over 40 years combined Sales, Marketing and Commercial experience in manufacturing and marketing companies in the Medical sector. We have excellent networks in the target markets and 'the right people' in the Far East to ensure we supply those markets with high quality, competitively priced products.

Consistent high quality is a major feature of all our products.

Most SGD (UK) Ltd products are CE marked and we are pleased to provide all necessary documentation as required.


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